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Welcome to Hula-Cow Studios! Click on a link above to learn more.

We are a digital recording and voiceover studio in Cincinnati, Ohio, specializing in video game, radio, cartoon, and character voice.
We also know a great SFX/music engineer. We now do audiobooks and audio book production!



Mic EQ Matching Software/Mic Modeling


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Enjoy the software? Thank you so much! Donations are always appreciated!

Create an EQ pattern/FFT curve for matching two mic's response profiles.

Works in Audacity, Reaper's ReaFir, and in the free MossEQ plugin.

Currently this software is in Beta, but it's mostly done, and any changes going forward will be QoL improvements, bugfixes, or keeping up with changes in the programs it applies to

TO USE: Unzip the file into its own directory and run ModelerEQ.exe

HOW IT WORKS: Record with two mics in Audacity, at the exact same time, trying to provide as large a range in pitch, tone, and timbre as possible for a short segment.
Then, using the "Plot Specturm" tool, export the spectrum for each mic, and save them.
Import both files into this program, and it will generate an EQ curve to bring one mic's sound profile closer to the ither one's.

In Audacity, you only need to do this one way, as "invert" will flip the curve (though you might want to alter the bass side of the curve in extreme cases manually.)

free mic matching software

free mic modeling software


Click Here to Download

Enjoy the software? Thank you so much! Donations are always appreciated!


Misc Engineering Projects


9.4Kilohm summing box



- Custom Audio Widgets and Converters

We can make form-factor conversion boxes, summing cables and lots of other handy gadgets, if you can't quite find what you're looking for online.


NEW! The Hydra

Microphone passive XLR splitter with 3-way adjustable attenuation pad!

HYDRA XLR mic splitter with 3 position pad -5 -10 -15 dB Microphone splitter

Custom colors available!



- Questions?

We're always happy to be of service.

Get hold of us any time via our handy contact form below:


- Custom orders

Equipment is custom made. Enclosures are printed as needed and it is important to remember these are NOT produced in a factory - all are handmade and tested to exacting tolerances. Their appearance will vary, but their functionality will be unparallelled.


- Standard Items

Stereo-Mono Splitter/Joiner

Split stereo to single Left/Right channel or join two individual channels to stereo feed output.

Can use a switch jack fro the 1/4" (cuts the 1/8") or leave it active

Can convert form factors from 1/4" to RCA or 1/8" to RCA (both types) and from 1/4" to 1/8" (non-switched boxes only). $79.95 (custom colors available for $10)



Split your microphone passively to two channels for carefree recording. Adjust the pad at the click of a toggle switch, so you don't clip during loud bits. Never fiddle with your gain again during a session! $89.95 (custom colors available for $10)

Stereo to Mono Summing Boxes

Choice of 4.7K, 9.4K, 14.1K and 18.8K, 2W

Safely sum stereo to mono. Box includes 1/4" Stereo AND RCA/Phono style inputs, one 1/4" mono output.

Can sum all 4 channels. Can also split one mono channel to 2 or 4 channels (signal is halved for stereo, reduced for each additional split)

$49.95 - custom colors available for an additional $10


Channel Cutter

Small box with two 1/4" OR 1/8" inputs, two toggle switches.

Independently cut L or R channel on a stereo feed.

$24.95 - custom colors available for an additional $10


Pop Filter

Charcoal foam filter membrane blocks the heaviest pops without affecting vocal quality. We can also do traditional nylon!

(Note: These are just something we whip up on the side. They're not especially polished looking, but they work GREAT, and they're fun.)


$24.95 - Additional colors available! Custom colors add $8. Custom logo add $20.





3D Printed single- and double-button carbon mic.

Engineered from the ground-up as a replica of the American Microphone model EL and other similar carbon mics from the 1930s, we'll be selling a couple of STL files to allow you to make your own!

While they're not going to sound like modern mics, (that's the point!) they make amazing effect mics, if you use them correctly.

They're fiddly/difficult to build in such a way that they sound good, so we recommend this project for skilled makers/engineers only.

3d printed carbon button mic


3D Print Single- and Double-mic shockmounts for shotgun and pencil mics

If you're trying to squeeze a couple small diaphragm condensers into a single space, here's a fun 3D print:

There's a SINLGE MIC version as well as a LYRE MOUNT/RYCOTE STYLE version, too!



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